3 Tools for Upping Your Workout Motivation

Ok I have to be real with you guys, working out is not my thing. Growing up I was a competitive athlete (volleyball!) and in college I loved to hit the gym and hike, but somewhere in my mid-twenties when I got into the workforce I just lost a bit of motivation.  An evening date with the treadmill and weights always sounds plausible when I wake up, but by the time 6pm rolls around I want dinner, pjs, and my favorite shows on Netflix.

So what three things have helped me get back into the swing of things?

1) Letting go of the gym and exploring exercise in the outdoors.

I decided that instead of focusing on working out, I would focus on active adventure. I started with post-work walks around my neighborhood and weekend hikes at the beach (there are these amazing trails at Torrey Pines State Reserve overlooking the shoreline that I definitely recommend if you’re every visiting San Diego!).

I’ve used this time for peace and quiet, to catch up on some of my favorite podcasts (Lady Gang and Off the Vine), or quality time with my boyfriend and friends (no texting/tv/distraction zone!).

2) Buying a FitBit.

Like I said at the start of this post, I am #COMPETITIVE! So a FitBit definitely helped me stay mobile during the day (it buzzes every hour to remind you to get in at least 250 steps/hour), and I sure as hell wasn’t going to get beat out by my watch! The obsession became next level when I found out you can enter into competition with your friends. You can enter in daily or weekly step competitions and competing against my friends and colleagues really helped motivate me to get moving before/after work and during my lunch hour.

3) Investing in Workout Clothes.

This is probably the most ridiculous tip, but for me it really did help. I LOVE workout clothes (I’ve been know to just wear them around town sans actual workout, but that’s another story).  I found out that well-fitting, high support, fun-cut workout gear actually motivated me to workout! My favorite of course is Lululemon. They are pricey, but I can attest that the leggings I have bought there last FOREVER (literally I’ve had one pair for almost 10 years and they still look and fit great).  The support is unbelievable and they don’t get sheer when stretched.  They also come in long lengths which is perhaps most amazing to me (I’m 5’9) – I have never had leggings gather at the bottom before and let me tell you it is a problem I’m overjoyed to have!

A more affordable option is Forever21 Activewear. They have seriously stepped up in this department and have a lot of Lulu-like designs in sports bras, tanks, jackets, etc.

For shoes I typically hit DSW or Nordstrom Rack to find my favorite high-end athletic brands like Nike at more affordable prices (if I’m going to spend $100 on shoes, they are going to be heels or boots #priorities).

In semi-unrelated news, shout out to my favorite water, Perrier. I’m fairly low maintenance (can a fashion blogger actually be low-maintenance?…things for me to ponder tonight), but I LOVE sparking water if I can get my hands on it.  I’m terrible at hydrating, but have found a boujee glass bottle of (non-alcoholic) bubbly really helps me enjoy and consume agua throughout the day and throughout my workouts!

But most important, really: click here to shop the outfit from this post!

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