Current Favorites (Fashion, Beauty + Lifestyle!)

Hi Loves! I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on the blog’s progress in Year One. In going though all my photos and posts, certain items have stood out to me as pieces or products that have become my new staples.  Alas, I present to you in this post, my favorite purchases from the past year!

Whether its clothes, make-up, haircare, or household items, these are the items that have become must-haves for me. Please comment or shoot me an email if you have any questions…Enjoy!

Top Fashion.

Solutions Cold-Shoulder Dress – see it on the blog here! Favorite new dress! The cold-shoulder trend was big in 2017 and shows no signs of disappearing as we move into 2018. Love the fit, fabric and price of this piece!

Level 99 Jeans – see them on the blog here! These are hands-down my favorite jeans in my closet. The fit is SO flattering and holds everything in and up without being uncomfortable. They are on major sale right now and, in my opinion, a can’t-miss for the new year.

Top Moda OTK Boots – see it on my Instagram here! These are the BEST otk boots!! The have the perfect heel and are so comfortable. At such an affordable price-point, I figured they would be uncomfortable or wear poorly over time, but I have had them for months and wear them every week and so far, SO AMAZING!

Nordstrom BP Ruffle Chenille Top – shop it here! Speaking of favorites from 2017, this past year I was introduced…and became obsessed with…chenille (the softest most luxe fabric EVER). It was a major trend at large, and most certainly in my closet (you can see I have other fav sweaters in chenille here and here).The ruffles on this one in particular add extra flare, and I love how rich the color is. It also comes in a beautiful green color!

Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings – shop it here! YOU GUYS. These are the most comfortable stretch jeggings I have ever tried on. I have always avoided jeggings because I feel like they look like leggings with pockets…not really convincing of a “real pant”. These truly look and feel like denim, they just have a a ton of stretch and elastic waistband – YAS! I wore them a lot (maybe too much) during the holiday season and they were perfect for lots of eating and lounging while still looking put together. I also regularly wear them to work with a nice blouse and heels for a more professional (but still oh-so-comfortbale) look on long days.

Top Beauty.

Kat von D Concealer – shop it here! This concealer is the best of the best. My hairstylist, who is also a make-up artist, recommended it to me and I am so thankful. I let me sister try it and she is now hooked, too! It’s long-wear and blends so well, offering excellent (but light-weight) coverage.

Joico Purple Shampoo – shop it here! If you are blonde this is a MUST! I just started using purple shampoo this year and can’t believe I ever went without it. Typically it is recommended to use it once a week(ish), but my hair gets brassy quickly, so I use this exact shampoo every wash (note: I wash my hair twice a week, so if you are an every-day girl I would recommend alternating it with your regular shampoo). The purple color tones your hair and keeps your blonde bright!

Wet/Dry Brush – shop it here! I was skeptical about whether this novelty item was real…but let me tell you, it works like a DREAM. My hair tangles v. easily especially at night or after a shower (even if I comb it right before). This brush magically detangles without pulling. For all of you mamas out there, this would also be great for your kiddos!

Top Lifestyle.

Fitbit – shop it here! You can read all about my love of the Fitbit and how it helped motivate me to be more active here! Planner – shop it here! These are the cutest planners. I love the floral print, but they also come with funny covers like “I am very busy.” which is my fav.

Nespresso – shop it here! Game. Changer. I am a Starbucks addict, which is fine minus the monthly hit it takes on my bank account. I got this Nespresso as a Christmas gift and use it daily. It makes the yummiest drinks (the pods come in a variety of flavors). We mix it with frothy milk for lattes and also dump it in the blender with some milk (and sometimes ice cream #guiltypleasure) for home-made frappachinos!


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