Everyday Beauty Buys Under $30

Meet some of my favorite beauty buys EVER. I love that I have tried so many different brands and formulas and some of my favorite products are the most affordable ones on the market. When I shop for make-up, I look for three things (regardless of what it is!):


  • How it feels. Is it lightweight? cakey? natural? oiley? I am pretty picky about this because whether its lipstick, foundation, or mascara, I don’t want to feel it on once its there!


  • How it stays. I am a chronic face-toucher, people. I don’t know how else to say it, but regardless of how much I try I catch myself throughout the day with my hands on my face, rubbing my eyes, resting my chin, whatever. So needless to say my make-up has to be resilient if there is going to be any left at the end of the day.


  • How it looks. The past few years I have gotten WAY more into make-up than I ever have been in my life. I used to be a mascara, bronzer and chapstick type girl, but over the past few years I have had so much fun experimenting with various foundations, concealers, eyes shadows, lip liners, etc. That said, even when I’m “made up”, I don’t want to not look like myself. I gravitate toward make-up that amplifies my natural features and conceals the things I’m insecure about…while never going past the point of not looking like myself. To make sure I stay on track (because let’s be real, make-up is fun and it can be easy to go overboard), I like to do the “if I don’t test”. Basically this means that when I’m running late for work, “if I don’t…wear makeup” I will still feel confident to show my face in public and also hopefully not get too many “are you sick” comments (this is my pet peeve….”NO I just look tired because this is who I am as a person”…hopefully I’m not the only one that’s happened to)!

All the products I’ve featured in the image above fit the bill for my 3 make-up prerequisites! You can hover over any product in the collage to see the brand/price – just give the product a click for a direct link to purchase!

Hope this helps, loves!!



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